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Important Cannabis Industry Marketing Tactics

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Is your business struggling with choosing the right target audience for marketing campaigns? Clearly defining your audience segments can make your promotional efforts much more effective. In the cannabis industry, many brands find it difficult to attract the right type of consumer. If your cannabis-related business needs help developing viable marketing strategies, our services can help alleviate the burden. Keep reading to learn how our marijuana marketing agency can develop highly-valuable cannabis branding tactics for your business:

How to Build an Effective Marketing Strategy in the Cannabis Industry

  1. Identify Your Main Service Offerings
  2. Clearly Define a Target Audience
  3. Build a Strategy Around Organizational Goals
  4. Launch Your Content Marketing Campaign

Identify Your Main Service Offerings

The first step to a successful marketing campaign revolves around your products and services. Are you offering hardware that’s available for purchase in head-shops or dispensaries? Will your products only be available in your online store? Identifying a core group of services helps you get the ball rolling and shapes the foundation for your business. Gain the competitive advantage with the help of our creative agency!

Clearly Define a Target Audience

  • Is your business only going to target connoisseurs?
  • Should your customers already be familiar with your brand?
  • How experienced are the consumers that will be using your products or services?

Answering the above questions will help your business hone-in on the most ideal target audience. While some businesses limit their focus to luxury shoppers, others may be targeting first-time buyers. In the cannabis industry, businesses have to be conscientious about the messaging they are broadcasting. Are you targeting pot-heads or executive consumers? Both target audiences play a vital role in the cannabis market but both may not be right for all types of businesses. Gain insights into your target audience with the help of our cannabis marketing experts!

Build a Strategy Around Organizational Goals

Are you most interested in building a contact list for future ventures? Do you have sales goals you are expecting to meet? Do you want your local business to appear in local listings? When it comes to building an effective marketing strategy in the cannabis industry, it’s helpful to focus on your main objectives. For many companies we work with, organizational goals are the stepping stones to attracting the right customers. Develop your strategy with the help of our cannabis marketing agency!

Launch Your Marijuana Content Marketing Campaign

  1. Online Presence
  2. Standardized Branding
  3. Engaging Website
  4. Intelligent Writers

cannabis industry marketing

Online Presence

At MediaMary™, we believe your online presence — similar to your digital footprint — should be held to the highest standards. Leaving a long-lasting impression on customers starts with the moment they are introduced to your business. Whether it’s a Facebook post or a paid ad on Google, crafting the right language to reach your target audience can enhance brand awareness. For most modern users, search pages enlist new customers more than other advertising platforms. Boost your online presence with our marijuana search engine optimization services!

Standardized Branding

Does your company appear as ACME Products on Facebook, AcmeServices on Instagram, and ACME303 on Instagram? While these brand naming conventions may seem mundane on third-party platforms, it shapes the way consumers understand your business. Developing consistent branding extends far beyond social profile handles. From vaporizer packaging to dispensary logos, developing a clear and recognizable brand will lend to long-lasting awareness. Polish-up your designs with our marijuana branding agency!

Engaging Website

If your website doesn’t load within the first few seconds, you’re losing valuable traffic. While aligning your website with your organizational goals is important, many cannabis brands fail to optimize the user experience. At MediaMary™, we believe in developing rich, user interfaces that respond smoothly on any screen, size or device. Your website should have clear call-to-actions, invoke emotional responses in your target audience, and add value to your target market. Build captivating websites with our cannabis web designers!

Intelligent Writers

Are you using the right voice for your target audience? Whether you’re hiring freelance writers, or working with an agency like MediaMary™, harnessing the right tone and style lends to more effective marketing. In the cannabis industry, it’s difficult to find subject matter experts that can speak to the product while leveraging professional writing skills. Don’t lose potential customers because your website copy reads poorly! Hire our marijuana writers to create engaging content!

Advertise More Effectively with MediaMary™

Effective cannabis marketing doesn’t end with these tactics. Developing the strategy is only the first step in growing your business. If you’re interested in reaching more customers across social media, search results and other digital platforms, be sure to explore our entire catalog of cannabis marketing services. Have questions for us? Get in touch with us today!