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Find an incredible cannabis brand ambassador at our marijuana branding agency to represent your business, products or services. MediaMary develops custom marijuana marketing strategies that deliver results. From street experience marketing to cannabis event booths, our cannabis brand ambassadors are at your service. Our team leverages sales experience, industry knowledge and marketing expertise to attract and convert your customers. Ready to get started?

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What a Cannabis Brand Ambassador Can Do For Your Business:

  • Market Research

    Research the cannabis market to identify potential obsticales and opportunities.

  • Branding Audit

    Request an audit from our marijuana branding agency to reveal your existing strengths and weaknesses.

  • Street Promotions

    Increase brand awareness and spark a conversation through gorilla street marketing tactics.

  • Conference Booths

    Spread your word at conferences and special events with a cannabis brand ambassador.

  • Engagement Marketing

    Develop brand loyalty and recognition with our experiential marketing strategies.

  • Event Hosting

    Entertain your customers at special events with hosts that hold expert knowledge about your brand.

About Our Marijuana Branding Agency

Our Marijuana branding agency helps Colorado businesses fine-tune their ideas and build intelligent branding strategies. If you're looking for a cannabis brand ambassador, you've come to the right place. Our brand reps can enhance consumer knowledge, awareness and loyalty. Contact us today to request a quote to work with a cannabis brand ambassador.

At MediaMary, we offer many different cannabis marketing services, such as cannabis SEO, cannabis web designers, and marijuana writers. Our creative branding strategies empower businesses to make a larger impact. Do you have questions for our cannabis branding agency? Contact our marketing company for more information. Spread the word and watch your business grow -- hire a cannabis brand ambassador today!

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Denver, Colorado is where MediaMary's brand ambassadors are currently available to staff events.