Marijuana SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Cannabis Industry Brands, Entrepreneurs, and Websites


Our marijuana SEO (search engine optimization) services can help your business increase website traffic, session duration and customer conversions. The term, "SEO," describes the optimization efforts you can implement into your website. By  leveraging industry best practices, your domain can rank favorably by SERPs (search engine results pages). If you need to reach more customers, our marijuana marketing team can deliver you results. Beat your competition in SERPs and rank on the first page of Google with our cannabis SEO experts!

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Enhance Your Visibility

  • Keyword Research

    Research marijuana SEO keywords for your domain to ensure our initiatives align with your business goals.

  • Site Audit

    Running a site audit reveals the current visibility of your website and areas needing improvements.

  • Content Optimizations

    Enhance your on-page content in order to improve ranking in Google for specific keywords.

  • Featured Snippets

    Leverage schema markup / structured data to display your page in Google rich results & featured snippets.

  • Meta Data

    Our SEO marijuana professionals will optimize meta data to drive more visitors to the pages on your site.

  • Blog Writing

    Publish search engine optimized content on your site regularly to enhance your SEO marijuana strategy.

SEO Marijuana: Recreational & Medicinal Personas

Our cannabis marketing services cover a variety of businesses and user personas in the cannabis industry. Dispensary marijuana SEO packages can help your business scale as it evolves. Our cannabis web designers can do all the heavy SEO-lifting while you convert new website visitors into customers. If you need dispensary marketing services, such as paid search, graphic ads or cannabis search engine optimization, MediaMary has you covered. Our team of cannabis marketing experts is ready to take your brand to new heights. Enhance your website visibility with our industry-leading services.

Rank in Local Search / Maps

marijuana local SEO
  • Detailed BI Reports

    Track the progress of your SEO performance with custom search traffic reports.

  • Technical Development

    Implement advanced technical optimizations for improved search performance.

  • Schema Structured Data

    Markup your pages with structured data to enable rich result features in Google search.

  • Search Engine Mgmt

    Maintain Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other webmaster platforms.

  • Backlink Audits

    Disavow toxic backlinks and malicious domains from negatively impacting your website.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Research benefits of acquiring new domains, merging websites, and migrating SEO.

Effective Alternative to Paid Advertising

Search engine optimization for marijuana businesses provides a viable alternative to paid marketing. Due to regulatory / TOS restrictions, the cannabis industry faces many marketing challenges. By implementing an ongoing SEO service campaign, you can get ahead of your competitors. To ensure your business solidifies its hold on Google search results, ongoing website services are needed. With SEO services, you're able to optimize your website, blog, listings, and more. SEO experts help you align with best practices to earn keyword rankings. If you have a physical shop / store, local SEO is very important.

Marijuana SEO Services

marijuana seo

MediaMary can help your cannabis-related business enhance brand awareness. How can custom-tailored marijuana SEO strategies help your business? As the first marijuana marketing agency in Denver to focus on pairing subject matter with technical expertise, MediaMary knows what's what. Quality SEO services are increasingly more important for industry players. Identifying the components of your business that stand to benefit most from organic traffic is what we do best. Our marijuana SEO company leverages ROI-driven strategies to attract users, leads and customers to your website. If you’re ready to increase the number of visitors to your site, our certified SEO experts can help.

Increase Search Performance & Brand Presence